Celtics Green Isn't the Only Green Garnett is Seeing

Several things that are noteworthy from a financial standpoint regarding yesterday's big trade between the Celtics and Timberwolves: - The deal is the most lopsided in NBA history. The Celtics dealt away 7 players (5 current players and 2 future first-round picks) for Kevin Garnett. Thus making it a 7 for 1 trade. - According to multiple reports Garnett would only approve a trade to the Celtics if they also signed him to a contract extension. The Celtics signed him to a 3-year $51M deal. - According to these same reports Garnett will also be paid a trade kicker" of $8.8M. - So if you're keeping score at home factoring in Garnett's trade kicker which will be spread out over his contract here's what the Celtics will be paying "The Big Ticket" for the next 5 seasons: $23.75 million for 2007-08 $24.75 million for 2008-09 $16.4 million for 2009-10 $18.8 million for 2010-11 $21.2 million for 2011-12 That's a lot of green. Between Garnett Ray Allen and Paul Pierce those three will eat up roughly $56M of the $67M in cap space the Celtics have so you can almost assuredly count on the Celtics paying the luxury tax or the next several seasons. The Celtics are obviously hoping these players make them relevant again and are already promoting "The Big Ticket" and "The Big Three" (KG Ray Allen and Paul Pierce) in new ads for Celtics tickets. In the meantime according to the Boston Herald the Celtics have sold over $2M worth of tickets since Monday and Garnett #5 jerseys hit stores on Friday meaning more green for the team. The NBA also redid their national TV schedule and bumped the Celtics up to 19 national TV appearances.........always great to get more national exposure for your brand and KG Pierce and Ray Allen will definitely provide that additional exposure that the Celtics have sorely lacked over the past several seasons.   "


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