Twitter Seems to Be Taking Over the World

Everywhere I go these days people are talking about twitter. I didn't know what a tweet was until a few months ago. Now there isn't a day that goes by where I don't hear about Twitter in some form. Rumors are running rampant that Google may try to buy Twitter. Sports stars and entertainers have set up Twitter accounts giving us a behind the scenes account of what their day to day life entails. Athletes are tweeting" during the game or at halftime. Sports organizations and leagues (mainly the NBA) are having meetings regularly to brainstorm ways to reach new audiences or spread more information to their current audiences via Twitter. There are even people impersonating high profile people on Twitter. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who was recently fined $25K for complaining about NBA refs.........on Twitter...........has these very insightful thoughts about the current landscape and future for Twitter. (I agree with Cuban and think Facebook will soon add a Twitter-like application that will broadcast your "what are you doing right now" thoughts on Facebook so you can send "tweet-like" messages right from your Facebook page or FB mobile application. That's why if I was in charge of Twitter I'd be selling to Google or whomever wants to buy me for a billion dollars right away). I go to press conferences now and hear old school reporters discussing their unhappiness that their editor has required them to not only blog but to Twitter regularly as well. Some of them have no idea what Twitter is or how to manage the application (its actually a very funny conversation to listen to). I have even tried to hop on the fast moving Twitter train.  Follow me on Twitter here. Count how many times during the day you hear the word "Twitter" or "Tweet". I'll set the over under at 4 times per day and I'll take the over.     "


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