NBA Playoffs Get Underway this Weekend - How Will Attendance Shape Up?

The NBA Playoffs start this weekend. The matchups are mostly set and are very intriguing. I will be watching the boxscores for something very specific once the playoffs get under way........the attendance numbers. You see for most NBA teams people who put down a deposit on season tickets for next season get priority on playoff tickets for this season. If you don't commit to purchasing season tickets for next season then you are required to pay in advance for 16 playoff games this season. Then if your team does not play in 16 playoff games you are refunded your money for the games that were not played. The reason the attendance numbers will be interesting to watch is because most people who put their money down for season tickets this NBA season did so before the economy tanked last Fall. Now its a very new economic world we live in and people are being more careful than ever with how they spend their money. Not many people want to put 16 playoff games on their credit card. Many people will not be renewing their season tickets because their economic situation has changed and they can no longer afford tickets. So this could add up for some empty seats and lower attendance come this weekend when the NBA Playoffs begin. Markets like Miami New Orleans Philadelphia Orlando and Atlanta will be most interesting to watch. So watch the attendance numbers when you review the boxscores during the NBA Playoffs.


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