LeBron Continues to Be Enabled By Those Who Need Him

From the time LeBron James was in grade school he has been a special talent. He's one of the most gifted players the NBA has ever seen. He's a cash cow for the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He's one of the faces of Nike basketball and was heavily recruited by the shoe companies throughout his high school career. He's been showered with praise gifts and money every step of the way. All the while the people who want something from LBJ who need something from LBJ have enabled him. Nobody has stood up to him and told him if he does something wrong. They're too afraid. What if the King turns on them? The NBA knows he's the face of the league for the next 10-15 years. The Cavs are on their knees hoping he re-signs with them so they can continue to sell out games make a boatload from sponsors and see their franchise value continue to rise. Nike knows he's terrific in their commercials and they've already invested $100M in him after you incorporate the fee they are paying him the money to create/produce the commercials billboards etc. Everybody has skin in the game with LeBron. They NEED him. So he will continue to pull stunts like he did on Saturday when he didn't offer any congratulations at all to his Olympic teammate Dwight Howard or to the Magic's head coach Stan Van Gundy. Then the face of the franchise shunned the media and headed to the bus. Leaving Mo Williams and Mike Brown to face the firing squad. The LBJ love fest will only continue to grow over the next year as GM's try to position themselves to land the biggest free agent in the history of the NBA. LeBron is good for business. He can instantly change the fortunes of a franchise - on the court and with a team's bottom line. So who is going to stand up to LeBron if he makes an error in judgement as I believe he did this weekend? The NBA gave him a pass and didn't fine him (if another lesser player shunned the media you can bet that player would have been fined). People running leagues teams and corporations change the rules for LeBron because they don't want to do anything to jeopordize their relationship with him. Luckily LeBron's error in judgement this past weekend was one of the few of the 24-year old phenom's career. But will anyone take him to task if he breaks the rules in the future? It will be interesting to watch and see.


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